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Just some words of appreciation.
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Just some words of appreciation.
Greetings, Python community! python
Hope you are well. Smile

I just wanted to comment that I love the forum. It is very well done and has very interesting functions. I love the overall design and the editing system is very comfortable and easy to use. Many thanks to all the staff for maintaining this space! Big Grin

I apologize if this is not the site to post this; it's just that I am new and I didn't find another place in the forum to express my feelings.

My most sincere congratulations and good wishes. Heart

- Carmazum
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Me too. The forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support for me as I learn and work with Python. The generosity and expertise of the community members are truly remarkable, and I have learned so much from their insights and advice.
buran write Apr-20-2023, 12:55 PM:
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Agree with you, its a good forum

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