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Convert a subreddit to a podcast with Python
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Convert a subreddit to a podcast with Python
I'm thrilled to share my latest open source project with you, a Python script that turns a subreddit into a podcast!

I've designed it with a unique purpose - to fuel my new podcast, "Crowdcast." A blend of AI and community input, Crowdcast is a weekly podcast generated from the top three comments in /r/crowdcast, transformed into a podcast script by GPT-4, and given life via Eleven Labs' audio technology.

The Crowdcast subreddit is a welcoming platform where you can suggest and upvote topics for future episodes.

Listen to the first two episodes here:

Interested in participating? Join us on the subreddit:

We're eager for the next episode, slated for release on 5/26, to feature your ideas and voices.
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