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FTS5 again
FTS5 again, and not for the last time. Sad
I have a hard time comparing the various docs we have uncovered,
and making sense of what they try to explain.
For starters, the MATCH operator.
They say:
MATCH "one two three" -> will match all of those words against the document, with an AND logic. Yes, this seems to work.
MATCH "one two thr"* -> will match the first 2, and anything starting with "thr".
According to the many tests I did, ... the phrase:
MATCH "thr" ->without the "*" will also match anything starting with "thr".

So my conclusion would be that the "*" wildcard does not do anything useful ?
I you can think of a clever phrase that would flush out the difference, tell me.
In practice, users search for names in payer cards. If they don't have to bother with the "*", good!
It is more important to do the right thing, than to do the thing right.(P.Drucker)
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