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Taking screenshot

I'm very very new to python but I've been building my own automated bot for a html game.
There's part of the game that you need to complete an anticaptcha to send in game money from one account to another.
I don't have an OCR that will work with the anticaptcha so I'm using the means of taking a screenshot to then have it resolved.
The issue is with the anticaptcha is that you can't right click and save it as the anti capture changes once you try this.
Also the same if you open it in a new tab,hence why taking the screenshot.
I use the script on a vps, however when I log out of the vps the screen change size etc and the screenshot will be taking images of random parts of the screen.

Is there a way that you can code into python that it will only take a screenshot of the selected xpath which will be the anticaptcha. So the size of the browser doesn't matter?

Perhaps one of these packages can help:
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