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Create your own Podcast with expensive equipment
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Create your own Podcast with expensive equipment
I have created an app called KeepYourMouthShut that can take care of everything for creating a podcast from scratch. KeepYourMouthShut provides a 360-degree solution for Podcasters or anyone who wants to create their own Podcasts but don't have access to expensive equipment.

From writing the scripts based on user-provided topics to providing a human-like voiceovers, KeepYourMouthShut has the ability to produce a entire episodes for Podcasts all by itself. It utilizes OpenAI's GPT-4 API along with ElevenLab's revolutionary TTS technology. I have kept it free and open-source for everyone to be able to use it without having to pay for it 🫰🏼

📢 GitHub repo:
⚡️ Website:

Here's a Podcast I created using KeepYourMouthShut, it's called Listenology:


If you like what I created, please don't forget to give it a star on GitHub 🌟 Contributions are most welcome.

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