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quick joystick GUI
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quick joystick GUI
Hello. Im looking for a really easy joystick that i can control with a mouse.
I have been looking on google and they are all either frameworks, wrappers or some other complex function that i really dont have any need for.

I am not looking to emulate a controller or anything hugely complex. i simply need a circle (or nice icon) which can move in both X and Y directions simultaneously then map the X and Y positions as an output where i can stick my own code.

i will be sending X and Y positions through a TCP/UDP socket to another code as a concept, if i can add buttons later, great, if not, oh well.

looking for something stupidly simple but i dont want to spend hours writing it from scratch and learning Tkinter or other GUI libarys.

All of my other code is written by me and this joystick will be phased out almost as soon as its put in (switching to an android app instead) but i just need something simple i can demo and use to test the controls work correctly.

anyone got a spare snippet of code i can borrow for this one ?
Do you mean emulate a joystick with a mouse?
What graphics package are you using?
(Jul-24-2017, 05:37 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: Do you mean emulate a joystick with a mouse?
What graphics package are you using?

no i just want to move a joystick with a mouse. as for graphical packages. anything simple and easy. not using any at the moment.
and not emulating anything. its just a circle that moves freely in a container, its x and y positions is the only output i need. ranging from -100 to 100 on each axis.
So Throw the mouse at the joystick.

I really think you mean you want to partially emulate the joystick, right.
like that, but not as fancy.
partially emulate yea, (would it be better to call it a thumbstick?)
again, What graphics package are you using?
and while at it, what OS and platform
im not using any graphics package at the moment.
im using both windows and debian linux (raspian)

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