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Low code b2b e-commerce solution

Need some help in choosing right solution.

Faced scalability issues with woocommerce(wordpress) on VPS hosting. 10’000 products + multilibgual + products filter resulted to slow project+customization limited.

project requirments:
- Goal is to have b2b e-commerce project with 700k-1mln products with 3-5 attributes for each product.
- At least 1000-5000 active users.
- Targeted pricing
- multi-roles with different functionality for clients and employees.
- product search
- product catalogue
- product filters

I have low knowledge of coding(Basic python+ gpt coding😅), but open to learning&coding.

Came across Python and found it as flexible coding language with large possibilities. Looking for low-code modular solution with e-commerce ready core. preferrably with some user-friendly interface(at least for some parts of shop)

So far have found Saleor as a solution.

1. Would Saleor can be a good solution here?
2. Are there any other tech. solutions that could work for my case?

Any suggestions, tips/tricks are welcome to be shared🙂
Saleor is a powerful, open-source e-commerce platform built on Django and GraphQL. It's designed to be highly scalable and customizable, with a modular architecture that allows you to add or remove features as needed. Saleor comes with built-in support for product catalogs, filtering, multilingual support, pricing, and user roles, making it suitable for B2B e-commerce projects. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface for managing products, orders, and customers.

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