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Not getting forum emails
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Not getting forum emails
So for each new thread I post, I choose 'Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies' - however I never get an email on reply. I checked my spam, not going there either. I am registered with a gmail. Any ideas why? Thanks.
I would second that.
Sometimes you get the email, sometimes you don't.
It is more important to do the right thing, than to do the thing right.(P.Drucker)
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There is a problem with internal mail(Amazon SES) they requires newer than TLS 1.0 version,tried to fix it but no solution yet.
Need to upgrade Forum and underlay stuff like OS(to old),so i may need to reach out for external help with this.
Sometimes, emails can get filtered out before they even reach your spam folder. Have you checked if the forum's email address is added to your contacts or marked as "safe" in your Gmail settings? Also, double check your forum settings to make sure the email notifications are turned on correctly. If everything looks good on your end, it might be worth reaching out to the support team to see if there's an issue on their side.

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