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Failing to connect by 'net use'
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Failing to connect by 'net use'
Greetings to those that still up at this time! Wink
I'm failing to map network shares.
I'm identifying "letters not in use" for a share to mount and use it as a variable
and using a list of IPs to connect to.
Here is sniped:
import subprocess
drl  = 'A'  # Script identifies the letter not used for mounting shares
e_ip = '' # IP from IP list
mp_string = f"net use {drl}:\\\\{e_ip}\\c$ /u:someuser somepassword"
print(f" -- {mp_string}")
Could you help me with this?
My bad! Wink
I missed little space:

"net use {drl}:\\\\{e_ip}\\c$ /u:someuser somepassword"
"net use"+" "+drl+":"+" \\\\"+e_ip+"\\c$ /u:someuser somepassword"	
I'm OK now.
Thank you!

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