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Made a discord bot game that uses commands but now trying to add buttons
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Made a discord bot game that uses commands but now trying to add buttons
Hey guys, —— game working with ! Commands and no buttons ——- game not so working, but join and start buttons are working properly

I’m new to Python and haven’t coded in ages, but I recently decided to give it a go.

I made a game using “ ! “ commands, and now I would like to add buttons.

Using the help of chat gpt, I’ve got the start and join button working properly,

When it came to a button with more logic (spin or guess), it seems like my bot breaks a bit, it seems like it doesn’t understand people can only spin once and then they are only allowed to guess (using the guess button), and when someone tries to guess using the guess button, if they guess a letter in the puzzle it acts as if the letter isn’t in the puzzle at all.

I’m not sure what to do or where I’m going wrong, my logic for the guess command is the same as what is in the guess button handler.

If anyone can help me with some guidance it would be much appreciated.
It doesn't let me post it because its too long

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