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Adding sub forums

should we add a tkinter sub forum? Or maybe a few of the most common used? This could better organize the threads. However it could lead to us constantly moving threads to the correct location.
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You could be opening a can of worms  :) creating a bunch of sub and sub-sub forums.  As to the links you referred to, would they not be better served in the "Tutorial" category? Then maybe have a "FAQ" category that would point to them. For example:
How do I create a simple tkinter window?
How do I create a simple wxPython window?
How do I create a 'class'?

Most if not all will probably end up in the Tutorial section I should think.
If it ain't broke, I just haven't gotten to it yet.
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I would not change too many things right now. Changing the domains is a huge step, let's wait for some dust to settle, then continue from there.
I like the idea of settling in, and giving it some time. And I think fine tuning it could easily lead to ghost towns like Project Euler and Challenges.
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Recommended Tutorials:
I don't like the idea of sub forum to much,as mention can become ghost towns.
What i think of is organize post better in main threads with(sticky, split thread).

As a example in tutorial thread there a many small about basic Python(String,List,Dictionary,Indentation...)
Make as eg sticky post call it "Basic Python",put all post that can fit in there.

I think maybe web & net could be one thread they are related and i did forget many Networking on old forum.
Because the traffic was so spear there.

Completed Scripts(Only completed scripts should be posted here) don't like.
Sound to serious eg "Scripts & Snippets"
So then can have sticky for small scripts(of all kind) and a sticky Completed Scripts(tested).
This make it easier to post shorter code of all kind,which can be fun to read and test,than larger an bad code :dodgy:

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