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Tutorial Requests
Make your tutorials requests on this thread and they will be updated in this first post. Ones that have been completed by at least one person have strikethrough. If you feel you need a new tutorial on the same subject of one we already have, feel free to post it as a request and why our current tutorial does not meet your needs.
  • for and while loops
  • pip (basic usage and reasons for varying errors and fixes for them)
  • coroutines concurrency
  • Tkinter custom widgets 
  • recommended IDE's for a few use cases and OS
  • function annotations
  • USB python flash drive installations, Anaconda, MiniConda, WinPython, PythonAnyWhere, Cloud9
  • Foreign Function Interface. How to call functions in python, that were written in another language. Perhaps through a library (.so, .dll).
  • Anaconda and the basics
  • run python scripts through Google cloud using a engine compute virtual machine
  • PyLogging(pylogger) with real-world examples
  • CLI progressbars
I had one on how to use an options file with tkinter.

The other was about resizing (it was in my head, and done now, so I can do one on options file next)

perhaps one on making custom widgets in tkinter
I would like to see Python coroutines concurrency tutorial. I have watched a video in Youtube but didn't it.
"As they say in Mexico 'dosvidaniya'. That makes two vidaniyas."
I'd like to second the coroutines tutorial. Hopefully including a practical example of why you'd use it.
Complete newbie - would like to see some very basic tutorials please or if anyone knows of any links etc would be grateful
Thanks paul
Luckily, there's an entire list of tutorials right in the sticky! :)
Massive thanks I will have a look at some of those links

Quote:would like to see some very basic tutorials please
If you search for the prefix [Basic] at the bottom of the thread listing in tutorials, you will get a list of basic tutorials. Other than that you would need to ask for a specific one.
I can't remember where I left my glasses.
How about recommended IDE for a few use cases and OS ?

I gather the default IDLE seems not too recommended to most

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