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Help - GTK3 + Pango: Printing data as table format
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Help - GTK3 + Pango: Printing data as table format
Hi, i'm beginner in Python, i'm writing my first program.
I want to print some data in table format.

I found this link but i can't make it's work.

This is my code:
import gi
gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')
from gi.repository import Gtk
from gi.repository import Pango
gi.require_version('PangoCairo', '1.0')
from gi.repository import PangoCairo

class Print():

	def __init__(self, content):
		self.content = content
		paper_size = Gtk.PaperSize.new_custom("cc", "cc", 210, 297, Gtk.Unit.MM)
		page_setup = Gtk.PageSetup()
		page_setup.set_bottom_margin(10, Gtk.Unit.MM)
		page_setup.set_left_margin(10, Gtk.Unit.MM)
		page_setup.set_right_margin(10, Gtk.Unit.MM)
		page_setup.set_top_margin(10, Gtk.Unit.MM)
		self.print_operation = Gtk.PrintOperation()
		self.print_operation.connect("draw_page", self.draw_page)

	def draw_page(self, operation, context, page_number):
		pango_layout = context.create_pango_layout()
		pango_layout.set_markup(self.content, -1)
		cairo_context = context.get_cairo_context()
		PangoCairo.show_layout(cairo_context, pango_layout)

	def do_print(self):, None)

test = Print('''|| top left cell || top right cell ||
|| bottom left cell || bottom right cell ||''')
But i want something like this:
<td>Column 1</td><td>Column 2</td><td>Column 3</td>
<td>Column 1</td><td>Column 2</td><td>Column 3</td>

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