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Commercial GUI application
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Commercial GUI application

My favorite language is Python.I’m wandering wether there are successful developers who sell their GUI programs written in Python?I’m not talking about some goverment or programms used in companies for data analysis, but for enduser programs.
My question is because of the source code which could not be hidden completely.
Inhave reviewed the site of Python - , there are some successful stories, but no one for commercial enduser gui program.
ive seen a lot of people request programs be made in python. More of freelancing though. The fact that the code is public is moot because 1) they would pay you for it by the time you hand it over to them (or you get a portion of it before, the rest after), and 2) they dont know how to code anyways otherwise they would of wrote it themselves, and 3) you could always build your python code into an exe for the final product.

The two libraries that you most likely would find commercial products would be PyQt and WxPython as they look the best in most peoples opinions compared to other libraries. As well as those libraries are beefy. I dont keep tabs on such programs, but you can always search out programs made in these libraries, etc.

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