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A pretty good Book listing
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A pretty good Book listing
7 Must Read Python Books
Maybe the best of theme all Fluent Python(the Pythonic level is high in this Book).
Hey, thanks for sharing. I am the author of the article.

Yea, the Fluent Python is really good. That book made me be excited about programming again.
rampage101 -

I read your resume (curiosity). I was in the DC area (Arlington and McLean Va) from 1993 - 2004.
Hired quite a few from John Hopkins, Univ of Maryland (College Park), and Virginia Tech. I was
never disappointed.

I was a 'techie type' director, meaning that I was allowed to have my hands in the soup. I never
wanted to be in management, but one of the (I think) problems with American companies is that
they tend to force you in that direction.

Glad to see you on the forum.

I agree with Fluent python - It's what I read before going to sleep.
Oh great to hear. Yea, I am planning on going back to the D.C. area in February 2017, and I hope to find a job doing Python in industry somewhere.

It would be nice to find a job where they don't try and force you into management right away. I think a better solution would to have some roles, like half developer, half manager where people can still keep their technical skills strong, and still focus on the business.

I have been trying to get more involved in the Python community, partly because I have no experience with Python in industry, but learned it on my own mostly through reading and building a website with Flask. The language is really fun to program in for me.
The best way to do that (if you can afford to be almost broke) is to join a startup
I agree on the fun! I haven't written a C or C++ program on about a year.
(not quite true, because I still use it for MCU work .. looking into python for this also)

I lived in Leesburg, VA about 35 miles outside of the beltway. Loved it.

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