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Unread Posts
Is there anything like here? That's what I generally used, even for moderator stuff before. It's nice to just have it all in one place without having to scroll, go through each subforum, and do all that.
I added it
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AWESOME! Thanks!
Alright so I noticed an important difference. With the old forum, I could bookmark the unread posts page. Here though, it seems the kind of search (for unread posts) is encapsulated by an SID URL parameter, and refreshing with that SID will yield the same search results, with a refresh just updating the is/isn't read indication. So to get the same thing here is two steps instead of one.
phpBB had a search unread function as well as ego search function for their search.php. So you could just plugin those values in your url. MyBB does it a little different. unread posts link here is a plugin which automates the search method. Which in turn gives an SID of the returned search. Thats the best i could find.

Ive been trying to figure how to get the egosearch that phpbb has on here for a few days. The unread search would be similar.

I bookmarked my egosearch with its SID because thats what i am use to using on the other forum.
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What about the unanswered posts? (
I always thought that was more useful, as you could try to make sure everything at least got looked at by *someone*.
(Sep-19-2016, 08:20 PM)nilamo Wrote: I always thought that was more useful
Yeah, I use that a lot too, but not as regularly. I use unread posts multiple times per day, and unanswered posts maybe twice per week-ish.
(Sep-19-2016, 08:20 PM)nilamo Wrote: What about the unanswered posts?
i tried adding that plugin but that plugin broke the "view unread post" plugin. So i reverted.
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