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Threads always marked as read
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Threads always marked as read
Hello all, I am really happy to see this forum come alive!

I noticed an issue after I visit a subforum. When returning back to main forum page, all threads of the subforum are marked read, even if I didn't open single one of them. This wasn't the case on the "old" forum, so maybe there's a fix for it, or I have to do something with my settings?

Hello JC

I just tried to test this, but did not see the same result. A minute ago, this sub-forum here had 2 unread threads for me, yours and another one. I read yours, did not read the other one. I returned to the top forum. I returned to this sub-forum. As expected, your thread was read as marked, the other thread was marked as unread. I did not adjust any of my settings. Not sure where you differ.
Hello Kebap, thank you for looking into the matter. This is odd, I don't know what the reason could be. For me just visiting a subforum simply made all threads as read. And in turn also the circular marker for the subforum, on the main forum page, changed colour to gray, meaning there are no unread threads. I will let you know if I see some changes.
I was only able to re-create this problem by creating a new user account.  My account was not doing this, but the new users account was. However after trying to test it with example posts/threads, it stopped mid way doing that. There are a number of things that could cause this...ill look into it.

In the meantime i added "view unread posts" in the menu link that list out new posts. See if that works for you or has the same problem. Thanks.

rechecking again and the regular user accounts seems working as expected. I guess note down if it happens again, how often, if it ever works, etc.
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From MyBB forums the response i got to this problem was...
Quote:Thank you for pointing to this issue!

As I already read about a third of the source files to understand the inner workings of MyBB, in the pursuit of finding out how to highlight unread posts in my MyBB threaded view project, I already wondered whether this can work:

In function mark_thread_read (in file inc/functions_indicators.php) the table mybb_threadsread 
gets set as indicated in the MyBB documentation.

However at the end of function mark_thread_read the function fetch_unread_count (in same module) gets called.
Looking at this function you can convince yourself that table mybb_posts' field "dateline" does not get queried at all.

Thus the function fetch_unread_count cannot work correctly because of that incomplete and thus incorrect query.

ATM I am busy with other things but later tonight I'll try to find time to fix that function and post a patch.
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Do you still have this problem?
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(Sep-20-2016, 12:33 AM)metulburr Wrote: Do you still have this problem?

No, it seems to be working fine now, thank you! =)

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