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Learning GUI programming
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Learning GUI programming
I want to learn GUI with Python (in Linux, UBUNTU).
How do I start? Any suggestions? Any good book?
The first step is to decide which toolkit you want to use. Since you're on linux, you should probably pick the one that's mostly used with whichever distro you're on (gtk or qt), or use wx, which abstracts that a bit and will use whichever's available (...I think).

Once you know which toolkit you want to work with, the docs for that toolkit should be able to help you get started.
wxPython would abstract GTK, but an excellent choice due to the fact that it's very established. It's currently being updated (Phoenix branch) targeting Python 3.x Doing a recent google have discovered that wxQT provides support for QT5 most notably so that's very good and lays a solid foundation for wxPython.

There are also PyQT and Kivy among many others. Kivy targeted mobile platforms initially but now also aims at the desktop platform; supports using either CPU (blitting) or GPU rendering at your preference and provides interface support for external layout files similar to css. Not really familiar with PyQT or QT in general, but have heard many good things about both.
I would recommend PyQt, as it is a very complete framework, cross-platform and actively developped. Qt recently announced that they will deploy new efforts on their python branch, called "Qt for Python", which use a more flexible license. It is also prettier than others toolkit, IMHO, and with QtDesigner it is very easy to create a decent layout from scratch.

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