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 Discord bot that asks questions and based on response answers or asks more questions

Hi everyone,

First day on Python. I've used MS Powershell for years, so I understand conditional logic, objects, variables, etc. I decided to start with a discord bot. I'm a gamer, so it seemed like a fun and useful project to start with. I'm using the library and would like to know if its possible for a discord bot to receive a command, ask a question based off of that command, store the answer into a variable, and then continue to ask more questions based off of the answer it received?

My team plays Rainbow Six. There is a lot of strategy stuff to remember for each map we play on. So if someone on my team were to send the command '!map plane" to my discord bot, I would like it to respond with "Ok, will you be attacking or defending on Plane?". The user would then respond with "Defending" and the bot would once again respond querying the user for more detail until finally it lays out a pre-written strategy.

Is this possible? If so, how would it be achieved?
Do you have a link for the library discord ?

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