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 How to run python script
I need to run a python script written by a previous developer.
When I run it on my Mac, I get the following
File "", line 31
output = write_with_prefix(input[0], output, f"Wages{prefix}Annual")
The script performs API calls to populate a csv file from a database. Here is the code minus the API keys:
import requests
import json
import csv
import time

ID = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
headers = {'Authorization': "api key"}

def write_with_prefix(input, output, prefix):
    """ iterate over input dict; flatten data to output dict with prefix """
    for item in input.keys():
        if input[item] is not None:
            ret_key = prefix + item
            output[ret_key] = input[item].strip()
    return output

def flatten_wages(input, output, prefix):
    """ take national/state/area wages; strip unneeded data and flatten remainder """
    rate_type = input[0]["RateType"]
    del input[0]["RateType"]
    del input[0]["StFips"]
    del input[0]["Area"]
    if len(input) > 1:
        del input[1]["RateType"]
        del input[1]["StFips"]
        del input[1]["Area"]

    if rate_type == "Annual":
        output = write_with_prefix(input[0], output, f"Wages{prefix}Annual")
        if len(input) > 1:
            output = write_with_prefix(input[1], output, f"Wages{prefix}Hourly")
        output = write_with_prefix(input[0], output, f"Wages{prefix}Hourly")
        if len(input) > 1:
            output = write_with_prefix(input[1], output, f"Wages{prefix}Annual")
    return output

def flatten_ed_type(input, output):
    """ Flatten education type dict in input to output dict """
    matrix = {
        "Less than high school diploma": "EdLessThanHighSchool",
        "High school diploma or equivalent": "EdHighSchoolDiploma",
        "Some college, no degree": "EdSomeCollege",
        "Associate's degree": "EdAssociatesDegree",
        "Bachelor's degree": "EdBachelorsDegree",
        "Master's degree": "EdMastersDegree",
        "Doctoral or professional degree": "EdDoctoralOrProfessionalDegree"
    for item in input:
        key = matrix[item["EducationLevel"]] + "Pct"
        output[key] = item["Value"]

    return output

def flatten_projections(input, output):
    """ flatten state and national projections from input dict into output dict """
    for data in input:
        if data["StateName"] == "Washington":
            prefix = "State"
            prefix = "National"
        del data["Stfips"]
        del data["StateName"]
        output[prefix+"CurrentEstimatedEmployment"] = data["EstimatedEmployment"].strip()
        del data["EstimatedEmployment"]
        write_with_prefix(data, output, prefix)
    return output

def prepare_for_write(data):
    """ recieve a single occupational detail, manually flatten for csv translation"""
    ret = {}
    # flatten wage data
    if len(data["Wages"]["NationalWagesList"]) > 0:
        ret = flatten_wages(data["Wages"]["NationalWagesList"], ret, "National")   
    if len(data["Wages"]["StateWagesList"]) > 0:    
        ret = flatten_wages(data["Wages"]["StateWagesList"], ret, "State")
    if len(data["Wages"]["BLSAreaWagesList"]) > 0:
        ret = flatten_wages(data["Wages"]["BLSAreaWagesList"], ret, "Area")
    ret["WageYear"] = data["Wages"]["WageYear"]

    #flatten education
    education = data["EducationTraining"]
    ret = flatten_ed_type(education["EducationType"], ret)
    #flatten projections
    projections = data["Projections"]
    ret["ProjectedYear"] = projections["ProjectedYear"]
    ret = flatten_projections(projections["Projections"], ret)

    # remove unneeded top-level items
    del data["COSVideoURL"]
    del data["RelatedOnetTitles"]
    del data["TrainingPrograms"]
    del data["Wages"]
    del data["Projections"]
    del data["EducationTraining"]
    del data["SocInfo"]
    del data["AlternateTitles"]
    del data["StFips"]
    del data["Location"]
    ret = write_with_prefix(data, ret, '')

    return ret
with open('health-codes') as f:
    with open('data.csv', 'w') as csvfile:
        # good to find a way to autogen these
        fieldnames = [ "OnetTitle","OnetCode","OnetDescription",
            "WagesNationalAnnualPct10", "WagesNationalAnnualPct25",
        writer = csv.DictWriter(csvfile, fieldnames=fieldnames)
        for line in f:
            url = '' + ID + '/'+ line.strip() + '/98107?projectedEmployment=true&training=true&wages=true'
            print (url)
            response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
            data = json.loads(response.content)
            prepared_data = prepare_for_write(data["OccupationDetail"][0])
The file, 'health-codes' is in the same folder as the python script. Thank you for your assistance.

Looking at the database where the data will be imported from the CSV vile, I think the prefixes could be 'National' and 'State' or perhaps 'Area'. I have tried running the script with these but no success so far.
If I enter python national state area into the terminal I get 'SyntaxError: invalid syntax'.
probably you have python2 and python3 versions installed
you need to run this code with python 3.6 or higher
Thank you. That works.

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