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 Launching other programs from Python
import subprocess
gives an error
C:\Python36\kodovi> File "C:\Python36\kodovi\", line 88 subprocess.Popen('C:\Users\user\Desktop\notepad.lnk') ^ SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec can't decode bytes in positio n 2-3: truncated \UXXXXXXXX escape
I'm trying to open a notepad but it gives error that I don't understand.
Backslashes indicate special characters. \U indicates a unicode character. That's causing your error. Either double the backslashes ('C:\\Users...') or make it a raw string (r'C:\Users...') which will ignore backslash encodings.
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Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien -
I wish you happiness.
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Thank you, now I got this one
C:\Python36\kodovi> Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python36\kodovi\", line 88, in <module> subprocess.Popen(r'C:\Users\user\Desktop\notepad.lnk') File "C:\Python36\lib\", line 709, in __init__ restore_signals, start_new_session) File "C:\Python36\lib\", line 997, in _execute_child startupinfo) OSError: [WinError 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application
how everything looks simple in the book but complicated when you have to make it work.
That one I don't know, I am not familiar with the subprocess module.
Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien -
I wish you happiness.
Recommended Tutorials: BBCode, functions, classes, text adventures

For those who are interested in this topic the correct code should be:
subprocess.Popen(r'C:\Users\user\Desktop\notepad.lnk', shell=True)
Shortcuts are not recognized by subprocess as an application.

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