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 Learn Python by doing?

I have a question about learning python.
Last month I started learning Python and I feel I'm starting to understand the basics.
I build simple code like a 'guess the number game' and 'Rock,Paper,Scissors game'.
Now I'm trying to code a way to present a dataFrame in a Graph.

I think most people agree that learning Python is by building your own project and learn by doing.
But for a while know I'm just learning new modules like: Matplotlib, Pandas and Numpy, and try to understand the general concept behind Data Science, all add the same time. And its alot.
I just end up reading a lot of guides and trying to understand a lot of new concepts.
So not alot it time for coding some cool stuff.

Not sure what i'm doing wrong here. Am I going to fast, Am I jumping ahead, Or do I first need to study basic modules before really start writing python code.

If you recognize this problem form when you started out please let me get you advice.
Learning is part of programming.
I have been writing and designing software for over 50 years, and I still am learning new methods and procedure on a daily basis.
You will know when you're ready to take on real work.
It's not always required, but is, more often that not: You should attend some sort of formal education if you plan to make it a career.
Assuming you are a beginner, I would classify learning Python in 3 major stages.

Stage 1: Learning the syntax & basics.

Stage 2: Learning libraries & frameworks.

Stage 3: Building projects.

Let’s start with stage 1:

Learning syntax & basics.

Python is one of the easiest language to learn in terms of syntax.

Go get started learning the syntax, first make sure to install Python on your machine.

Just head to Python’s official site, download the latest version and you are good to go.

Once the installation has completed, you may use IDLE to write and run Python code.

Let’s directly jump into some code examples and learn Python basics right away:

Writing a hello world program in python:

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