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 My Python programming book for kids is free for 48 hours

If you're interested, please get it for free at:

This is a set of training materials I used to successfully teach Python to kids as little as 10 years old. The online learning environment are freely available at and the first four chapters are available at
Lesson 1: Call a function & use variables
Lesson 2: Expressions and text strings
Lesson 3: Perform various calculations based values input by the user
Lesson 4: Use the tank to draw shapes with its bombs
Lesson 5: Show an input box and use "if" in Python
Lesson 6: Prompt for multiple values and display information in a message box
Lesson 7: increase the value of a variable and call a function that gives back information
Lesson 8: Use "if" without "else"
Lesson 9: Use "if" to guard against an operation that might fail
Lesson 10: 2D coordinate system for positioning objects
Lesson 11: Respond to mouse clicks and kick start a continuous process
Lesson 12: Use random numbers
Lesson 13: Use 'and' or embedded 'if's
Lesson 14: Respond to key presses
Lesson 15: Respond to key presses (2)
Lesson 16: Boolean values and stop a continuous process
Lesson 17: stop a continuous process (2)
Lesson 18: Steer a continuous process

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