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[PyCharm] Working with virtual environment
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[PyCharm] Working with virtual environment
I want test spaCy:
I do:
pip install spacy
python -m spacy download en_core_web_sm
but in PyCharm I don't see module spacy. Fortunately I can install this module with PyCharm.
PyCharm uses venv.
But how download en_core_web_sm ?
For each project must be installed spacy and dependencies? How make spacy and dependencies sharable among projects? Is possible don't use venv in PyCharm or better is use venv but how in similar projects use the same dependencies?
Problems were because I have Mint 20 with Python 3.8 and old PyCharm installed via Software Center with Python 3.7.
Now I install PyCharm by tar.gz and is OK (is Python 3.8)

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