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 memory issue loading movie to numpy array
I have a movie, .mts file, that I want to be able to read into a numpy array that is (w,h,3,f), where w is the frame's width, h its height, and f the number of frames in the movie. 3 refers to the RGB value. Below is my program for doing it. My problem though is that when I run it that it consumes all of the memory on my computer and everything freezes up. I don't understand why since the movie is only 26 MB and I have 3.7GB of RAM memory . I am using Spyder and when not running it says memory is 36% in the lower right hand corner and then jumps up to 96% memory when the program is running and freezes. Why is this happening and how do I fix this? Is there a better way to write this?

import cv2
cap2 = cv2.VideoCapture('//home//jr//Desktop//Movie1.MTS')
    status, frame =
    if status==True:
The video file is encoded and shrinked in size, if you want an array of the data
it needs to be decoded and that means the amount is increasing dramatically.

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