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[split] forum funds
Speaking of approvement and traffic coming from python.org, do you think it would be a good idea sometime in future to ask the Python Software Foundation to aid financially with running this forum? We sure aren't part of the Foundation, but I believe we significantly help their agenda in terms of spreading the popularity and be an open and supportive community.
i dont think they think the same. I dont think we should ask. They could care less where the community is.
Fair enough :) If any need arises to collect donations (I suppose server running costs will grow), I am open to contribute.
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If anyone wants to contribute they can send money via paypal. Put a note on it that its for python-forum funds, and i will add it to either server costs, or domain costs.
Excellent, apart from the direct URL, how is the donations page accessed? Is it on a visible spot?
its public if goin to that page, but no its not linked anywhere because we have not yet needed to take donations. As well as some of the admins did not want it visible if we are self sufficient (at this current time). But that obviously will change as more people use the site, and the more resources the site uses.

I added a new profile field for team to put the link up in their profile because i always have to hunt for that URL, now i can just say go to my profile.

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