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Does the forum need a forum category ?
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Does the forum need a forum category ?
As we have better control over this forum, this area can be used for all things related to the forum.
I dont think we need this forum. We can create a banner notification like the one you see if you log out
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Sure we can get shot of the announcements part but it felt like a separate forum category was needed instead of forum stuff being in off topic split between suggestions and bar.
I just added the announcements part as a way of indicating what I had done.
I just assumed that our discussions that regular users can join in on would be suggestions (As that is regarding to the forum structure and features). Im not sure why there would be posts regarding that in bar. 

And for help forum, there are help docs we can create

...but only admins have access to create them.
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Yes the bar is for general off-topic, nothing about the forum itself

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