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to do list
Although what happened to the postbit? There is a lot of whitespace now

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Ahh i see most look at write more specific css only for sidebar.

Should be okay now.
Still have the same after clearing cache
(Oct-19-2020, 12:08 AM)metulburr Wrote: Still have the same after clearing cache
Then have your cache not been cleaned.
Have written now so it can only affect ccs in sidebar.
To be sure i check in a couple other other browser,ok there to.
yeah not sure. It wasnt working yesterday after clearing the cache, but is today. I wasnt sure if you were tinkering with it at that time or not.
(Oct-15-2020, 05:58 PM)perfringo Wrote: - Adding reputation or like is not possible on mobile (no 'Rate' or 'Like' buttons in iPhone / Safari)

I am happy to report that buttons are here for iPhone / Safari as well. Both are tested to be usable (by providing well deserved reputation and likes Smile)

However, with 'Rate' (button with +) page become unresponsive and page needed refresh to be back in normal. By unresponsive I mean no buttons or links were clickable, moving up-down worked. Same is with MacOS / Safari.

'Like' button works with no problems both on mobile and desktop.

Keep up good job!
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our kids have ipads for school. (the first time using an apple product to be honest). This is the only apple device i have to test with. It says the version is 13.7 (17H35)

I gave you some rating and it seemed to work fine on the ipad. Did you clear cache?
My Discussions link should be fixed in all themes now
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