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PyQt5 - import rext from other file - despearte for help
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PyQt5 - import rext from other file - despearte for help

im stuck for hours with a one simple task:

i need that the numbers that are generated from show in the

this is the

from random import uniform
import time

def runscript():

    for gps in range(0, 10):
        gps=round(uniform(31.852863, 31.853108), (6))
this is the relavant code:
 q_le = QtWidgets.QLineEdit(w)
    q_le.resize(500, 96)
    q_le.move (400, 700)
what do i need to do so the generated numbers will be shown in the qlineedit???
some of the code is missing. you need to post more than you have if you want help.

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