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Improve segmentation : Create sphere brush to edit voxels values in scanners image wi
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Improve segmentation : Create sphere brush to edit voxels values in scanners image wi
Good morning,

I would need some help to finish my project as an intern working on segmentation of an organ on 3D Slicer.
I have a segmented organ with white pixels over a black background (a vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode).

I would like to add some missing white voxels to my segmented organ and erase others.
I have tried working on "Segment editor" on 3D Slicer but it doesn’t work as I need.

I am looking for another way to do this but I don’t know how to proceed :

- how can I create a sphere brush (in 3D) in python which would be able to browse / scan my image (as a numpy array if necessary) thanks to mouse clicks’ of the user on the image
- then, if the user clicks, tell to the sphere to turn the pixels of my image from their value to another one that I choose

Does someone have an idea ?

In my version of 3D Slicer, I can't use Tkinter neither pygame...

I have read lots and lots of comments / topics / codes but I can’t find anything that I understand and able to add to my code easily (I am new on 3D Slicer)
Thanks a lot in advance for your help
This question would probably be answered more quickly here:
That being said, there may be a user here that will have the answer

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