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how to insert list into database
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how to insert list into database
I am storing <p> tag data into list. When i apply insert query then last line of the list stored in the database.
I want to store all data in database that is available in link.
Below is the code of adding <p> tags data into list:

 content_html_container=soup_loop.find('div', class_="template__main")

    for list_p in content:
        for li in p:
#              print(p)
below is the database query:

 news_detail_query="INSERT INTO news_detail (`date`, heading, content, id_authors, id_categories) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)"
    result  = cursor.execute(news_detail_query, insert_news)
list = [X,Y]

INSERT INTO table VALUES ('%s') %s list

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