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What will the following code output?
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What will the following code output?
What output will the following code give?
>>> word=’abcdefghij’
>>> word[:3]+word[3:]
What do you think? Did you try to run it if not able to say just from looking at it?
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It would have been faster and more efficient to type the same code in the python interpreter instead of the forum!
The output is:

'this sounds like homework'
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If you are on linux, just enter on your keyboard :
If you are on windows, download the last release on :
If you cannot install because you don' have administrative access... try to find some web site with a python terminal for free.
You can also buy a raspberrypi (arround 10$), but you will need also a screen and a keyboard (take them from the pc you used for the forum), and you will have to download and install raspbian.
If you fail with all of that, read the doc : , your brain will give you the answer quickly.
The output is ‘abcdefghij’. The first slice gives us ‘abc’, the next gives us ‘defghij’.

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