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Reference new dictionary keys with a variable
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Reference new dictionary keys with a variable
I want to read text files with parameters and assignments in order to configure a new device.
It seemed correct to read variables and their assignments into a dictionary from a text file.
But I have hit a snag in that I cannot work out how to read variables directly into a dictionary.
I have stripped down my script to the following to try and illustrate this.

Grateful for any replies..

# $language = "python"
# $interface = "1.0"
import time
import datetime
import sys

# This is how I want me dictionary to look after 
# assignment from reading a text file

Dict_Param = {
"<IP_ADDRESS>": "",
"<HOSTNAME>": "blahblah"

Dict_Param = {}

# Variables and their assignments are read from 
# a text file into 2 lists as shown
# I have this working just stripped out for simplicity
AssignStr = ["", "24", "blahblah"]

# This does not work
# But I hope it illustrates what I am trying 
# and failing to do
# That is add the pairs defined in the 2 lists above
# as key entries in my dictionary

Dict_Param['KeyStr[0]'] = AssignStr[0]
Dict_Param['KeyStr[1]'] = AssignStr[1]
Dict_Param['KeyStr[2]'] = AssignStr[2]

print Dict_Param
(May-06-2019, 07:17 PM)slouw Wrote:
Dict_Param['KeyStr[0]'] = AssignStr[0]
Dict_Param['KeyStr[1]'] = AssignStr[1]
Dict_Param['KeyStr[2]'] = AssignStr[2]

Remove the quotes, and that would work as you expect.

Or, you can do it the easy way and use a loop:
for index in range(len(KeyStr)):
    if index < len(AssignStr):
        key = KeyStr[index]
        val = AssignStr[index]
        Dict_Param[key] = val
values = ["", "24", "blahblah"]
dict_params = dict(zip(keys, values))
but it's interesting how you end up with two lists by reading from a text file - you can read from file line by line and directly assign value to key in the dict. I don't give example, because it's not clear how the file looks like
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You can use zip to pair up the key and value in a for loop
dict_param = {}

assignstr = ["", "24", "blahblah"]

for key, value in zip(keystr, assignstr):
    dict_param[key] = value
{'<IP_ADDRESS>': '', '<PREFIXLENGTH>': '24', '<HOSTNAME>': 'blahblah'}
OMG what wonderful answers!
Thank you all!!! Stupendous! Amazing! Thank you all!!!

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