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Debugging a run job (Linux, python3, cython)
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Debugging a run job (Linux, python3, cython)
I have a specific question about my python work. Could you have a look?

I am running a research job in high energy physics but I have a problem with my output. My professor gave these files that I put the link below here. I ran them. Then I ran them again after doing some changes on them. I changed my original data in LL_line_cross_section.dat and BinnedSpectra_Matt.dat. But my output data was not changed: lim_ar_1.dat. If you can help me to solve this problem, I will be grateful to you.

I am giving links to the files in Dropbox below there. I installed python 3 and cython on my ubuntu. Then opened those files in the second link on Ubuntu.
I do run in likelihood folder first (>>>bash but it requires an edit: >>>vi , change python to python3 in the file.
Then I run the in analyses folder. I just wanted to give an overview of what I do to run in particular. At the end of two hours of running (>>>python3, I get my output in analyses folder in the output directory. But I get the same output even though I change some files needed for output.
And to run with my new files I renamed them where they have stated in the file in likelihood directory where I put the links.
This is the link to the new job I submitted with all of its preexisting and new BinnedSpectra...dat& LL_line_cross_section.dat and other newly created files after submission:
This is the link for the original files without running them:
Cemile Senem

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