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Change mouse move speed in guibot script
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Change mouse move speed in guibot script
Hi, i ran this test script from guibot and was wondering if there is a way to speed up the mouse or just skip the move and just click on the found image?
I've searched google and tried to see if there is options in the configuration that i could change easy but came up empty.

Code below:

import guibot

from guibot.guibot_simple import *


if exists('file32.jpg'):
    type_text('Shapes do not exist')
Hi @rulltartan, you can use the smooth_mouse_drag setting as documented in the config API:

Since me and other maintainers of the project don't have high presence in this forum I would recommend that you simply post an issue at the github page of the project:

In this way we will be able to reply faster next time :) Also, any recommendations on the documentation, API, or anything you found difficult are welcome as an issue too.

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