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mouse 0.7.0 - mouse polling hate 125-1000hz
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mouse 0.7.0 - mouse polling hate 125-1000hz
Hi guys, i need your help!

I installed mouse 0.7.0 by pip install mouse.

This mouse api works fine on an aplication designed to mouses 125hz, but i cant use on 1000hz polling rate.

how can i "import mouse" and hook it to a 1000hz mouse?

My aplication is to paste and copy some infos on a website (in real time) and paste in to word (for data control), but i cant use it with a 1000hz mouse.

the code use win32api.mouse_event and mouse.is_pressed.

Sorry my bad english.

I thank any help.
you can look through the source code here:
All mouse actions (in this application) are event driven, so unless there is some sort of internal (to program) delay that is being injected,
I would expect it able to handle whatever the driver is capable of handling.
If you have a github account, you can login and access the author's email here:
I's ask author first.

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