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How to process the hyperspectral image
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How to process the hyperspectral image


I have the hyperspectral image - how to preprocess data need time

Traditional CNN cannot be applied to project directly
- it needs a lot of time to test (may be take 3 months)

Need to do many experiments to get good result - especially
compared to other existed methods (own contribution)

May I know how to simplify my experimentation and research
- and I am using Spyder Python 3.7 with Winsdows 10

Here I would like to apply the CNN and DNN for computing and
later will compare that both of them which one is better or faster (download HSFD)

Please advise on further action -
this is for my Masters degree thesis January 2020


Contact -
[email protected]

You may find the following useful:


Could you please tell me how to load the hyperspectral images for my TensorFlow CNN (download HSFD)

Kindly show me any link or reference so that I can proceed the image recognition



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