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Difference between Python's os.system and Perl's system command
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Difference between Python's os.system and Perl's system command
Then use
full_cmd = r'echo -e \\a\b\c\d\Test\H_program.exe "0,0,2019,0,M,\\a\b\c\d\Test\H_test.bin,,\\a\b\c\d\Test\, \\a\b\c\d\Test\Test\e\f\g_test.csv,0,"'
Not required
Try without the shlex.split() part, that is to say, shell=True). For some reason the shlex.split() doesn't behave well with your \\a\b\c...
Not required

(Dec-02-2019, 02:26 PM)Gribouillis Wrote: It is meaningless to try things randomly. Find the command that works in a Cmd window first, outside of any scripting language.

I found the problem. Long story short, it was an extra blank character in the Python script.


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