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Building from source on MacOS: installing certificates
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Building from source on MacOS: installing certificates
I successfully built Python 3.8 on MacOS Sierra, by following the advice at the developer docs (via configure, make, make test, and make install). It's installed on a local directory, I did put the bin directory on my PATH, and everything seems to work fine.

However, I'm getting the infamous "SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED" error (which seems to be common in MacOS) when using a program that tries to download a package. The recommended practice is to execute the "Install Certificates. command" that comes with the prebuilt bundle. The problem is that I'm not using the prebuilt bundle, I just built it from source to a local directory, as I said above.

How can I proceed if I'm building from source?

I decided to download the precompiled installer, and extract the "Install Certificates.command" from it, then store the Python code it contains into a "" file (only the Python code, excluding a few non-Python lines), and then run "python3 ./"

It worked fine, but this should be documented somewhere, for users wanting to build from source on MacOS.

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