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[Tkinter] User interface for stock portfolio optimisation
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[Tkinter] User interface for stock portfolio optimisation
Hi, I am a noob on Python and more generally in programming, but I am doing my best to learn thanks to online tutorials.
I would like to code a small downloadable program allowing anyone to obtain the optimal stock weights to include in a portfolio in order to maximise expected return.

Based on a code I found online and some personal adjustments, the code is operational and gives me the outcomes (text and graphs) that I want already. However, I would like to make the code "responsive" to inputs entered in a user interface. For this, I know I have to use Tkinter. I have made several attemps, but I cannot succeed to connect my python code and the user interface thanks to Tkinter. I just miss that "link" to make everything go smoothly.

Could you please help me?
I would like to add a picture of the final result I am looking for but I don't know how. So here is a quick description.

I would like to have a downloadable program with an icon, which opens a window when we click on it. Just like any program.
Once the window opens it would be organised as follow:

Top section: Logo + Welcome + Instructions
Next to it, two buttons one "Export the document as PDF" and another "Clear inputs"

Inputs section: 3 labels with 3 entry boxes
Label 1: How many stocks are there in your portfolio?
Entry box 1: horizontal slider widget ranging from 3 to 30
Label 2: Enter the related stock tickers (yahoo finance)
Entry box 2: text box - important to type stocks as follow 'AAPL', 'GOOGL', 'FB' ......
Label 3: Precise time interval for historic performance and volatility
Entry box 3: radio button - 1 year or 3 years or 5 years from today (last closing price when the user opens the program)

Outputs section: 2 graphs and 2 texts
Graph 1

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