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Mirror cell range in excel
Hey people

I'm new with Python programming so I don't know much. I have a problem with coping a range of cells with formatting but in reverse order(to mirror it precisely). This table represents the front and back of the 2 sided sheet when you look at them. I have the left range(always the same) formatted in a way that I need. So I will change the color and numbers. I want to get the second table next to this one but mirrored. Something like this

Below is my code.
import openpyxl as xl

def process_workbook(filename):
    wb = xl.load_workbook(filename)
    sheet =
    mr = sheet.max_row
    mc = sheet.max_column

    for i in range(2, mr + 1):
        for j in reversed(range(2, mc + 1)):
            cell = sheet.cell(row=i, column=j)
            sheet.cell(row=i, column=j+11).value = cell.value'henkel.xlsx')

filename = 'henkel.xlsx'

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