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I am pretty new to coding. I have had some luck with VBA. So python why not! I am reading Eric Matthews, Python Crash Course 2nd edition. I am working with string data type. I'd like to further one of his exercises. I want to be able to store the names of authors and their quotes. I'd like to italics the quote. I was able to use, python -m pip install docx. I did install it. I do not own Microsoft Word. I can't use the package. I was wondering about using Google Docs, but it is an API. I am working pretty hard to use python packages. Is there another free word processing program I could use to run my code and have the quote be italics?
Here is my code just to store the name of the author and the quote.

first_name = "Eric"
last_name = "Carl"
quote = "[i]My oh my, how the days have flown by since we have met[/i]."   
name_quote = (f"{first_name.title()} {last_name.title()} \n\t {quote}")
Don't know if your wanting this in shell or if this works on all os.
# Italic text
txt = '\x1B[3mThis is italic text\x1B[23m'

# Add rgb color too this case red
Will print in italic in shell/terminal
I welcome all feedback.
The only dumb question, is one that doesn't get asked.
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Hi thanks for the reply. I tried to run the code.

txt = '\x1B[3m This is italic text \x1B[23m'
I am using Sublime a text editor. I saved the file as .py. When I run the code and it prints in Sublime the text editor output says,
<0x1b>3m This is italic text <0x1b> [23
I also tried to open the .py file in the Python 3.8.3 shell and the output wasn't italic text.
This is italic text 
One last question about dealing with string data type. When I make a variable and assign the text to the variable the text has to be in quotation marks. The book I am reading appears to recommend double quotes. Do you think that is right? Why are you using a single quote?

If you are using windows the encoding is a little different.
You can read about it here.
The single quotes just my preference. The lessons I watched said it did not matter, they are treated the same. Just my opinion, the only advantage I could see is if you needed a single quote in the string eg:myval = "Isn't this a string" as apposed to myval = 'Isn\'t this a string'

This is for terminal. Will not work in IDE's

Not always supported you can try this
print(f'\033[3mThis is italic text\033[0m')
I welcome all feedback.
The only dumb question, is one that doesn't get asked.
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