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How do I write a single 8-bit byte to a file?
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How do I write a single 8-bit byte to a file?
Here's testfile.csv, where I'm storing values for my script to interact with.
First value is the file to write to, second value is the address to seek to, third value is a set of concatenated 8-bit bytes to write in that exact order to whatever is at the addresses at and after the seek address.

Note that the third value can and will vary in length when in production, but will always be made up of some number of 8-bit bytes.

It needs to be this way because I'm using spreadsheets to create simple editors for data tables in a video game, and exporting one sheet where all this stuff is concatenated to a CSV which my script will write to the files.

Here's a screencap of testfile.bin open in a hex editor, which is 0x2F unsigned 8-bit bytes long.
Before I run the script:
After I run the script:

Here's the script:
import sys,io, struct

csvName = sys.argv[1]
with open(csvName, "r") as f:
    line = f.readline()
    while line != '':
        lineList = line.split(',')
        with open(lineList[0],"r+b") as writeFile:
            cntr = 0
            nmbr = lineList[2][cntr:cntr+2]
            #need to step through above for string slicing
            #while cntr < lineList
            #next do a loop where you grab lineList[3][n:n+1],
            #convert it from a hex string to an int,
            #and write it.
            #maybe int(lineList[3][n:n+1],16)
            cntr += 1
        line = f.readline()
I can't use
because you can only write a bytes object (which is a less coherent way to say "an array of 8-bit bytes") with write().

But there's no way I can find to turn an int into a byte, or byte object, or whatever this is. The bytes() method, with only an int as a parameter, returns an array of length int filled with 0x00 bytes.

The bytes(string, "utf-8") apparently writes an array of C-style char for every character in the string, as you can see in the second screencap above.

I'm trying to develop this thing and test it incrementally, and nothing I develop incrementally works. Is there literally no way to turn my use case into something I can actually use in Python 3?

BTW, I really don't appreciate people telling me to "do some experiments, bruh" (what does it look like I've been doing?) or drive-by posting links to the documentation (which is here: This is a help forum, I wouldn't be posting here if I didn't need help, and if you can't help me or contribute something useful then just don't post. It's that simple.
Those aren't ints. You describe the bit at the end as "concatenated 8-bit bytes", but I'm guessing they're actually hexadecimal strings, so each character represents a 4-bit value.

You can create a byte object directly from a hex string like this:

>>> nmbr = bytes.fromhex("0102030405")
>>> nmbr
>>> len(nmbr)
Since you've opened the file as binary and you have a bytes object, you can write it directly. There's no encoding necessary here.
Thanks, it works.

import sys,io

csvName = sys.argv[1]
with open(csvName, "r") as f:
    line = f.readline()
    while line != '':
        lineList = line.split(',')
        with open(lineList[0],"r+b") as writeFile:
        line = f.readline()

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