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IDLE stops responding upon saving
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IDLE stops responding upon saving
Hey people,
IDLE stops responding everytime I try to save a file.
Im running it on Mac Os 10.15.3
I rebooted my computer, that's about as far as my problem chasing competence goes.
It didn't help.
What's my course of action now?
Along my lines of competence the next step would be to reinstall.
Are you trying to save in an editor window or in the shell window? Are you doing Save, Save As or Save Copy As?
idle, even though shipped with python is just a rudimentary IDE, hardly worth giving it the moniker.

You should investigate any of the real, and largely free IDE's available:
Just google: 'IDE for python' and you will get a huge list.

Personally, I like VSCode but since you're the one who uses the IDE, it's largely a personal decision as to which one to use.

Should you decide to use VSCode There's a tutorial here that will guide you step by step to getting started.

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