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[SOLVED] Filling multidict from CSV file?
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[SOLVED] Filling multidict from CSV file?

For some reason, the list that is filled from the CSV file is OK, but when printing the contents of the multidict, I get more than three values:

from collections import defaultdict

mydict = defaultdict(list)
with open('input.csv", mode='r') as infile:
	reader = list(csv.reader(infile))

	for row in reader:

		#Use ZIP as key, and add multiple values to each key

	#NOK! More than three values!
	for k in mydict:
Can you spot what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.
please provide a sample of input.csv
It's a comma-separated file, eg.

12345,46.15,4.92,Some place
FWIW, it opens fine in LibreOffice Calc.
Never mind, pandas worked right off the bat:

import pandas as pd
subset = pd.read_csv(CSVFILE)[["zip", "latitude", "longitude", "name"]]
Thank you.

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