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How to add an image to an existing facebook post using python graph API?
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How to add an image to an existing facebook post using python graph API?
I'm using facebook graph API to update/edit the text of a specific post on my page

import facebook
page_token = '...'
fb = facebook.GraphAPI(access_token = page_token, version="2.12")
page_id = '...'
post_id = '...'
fb.put_object(parent_object = page_id + '_' + post_id,
              connection_name = '',
              message = 'new text')
now I'm trying to add a local image (stored in the same folder of the python script) to this post but I don't understand how to properly do it (notice that I don't have to create a new post and attach a photo (for which we simply use put_photo function) but I have to attach a photo to an existing post).
What I tried so far

    fb.put_object(parent_object=page_id+'_'+post_id, connection_name='', message='new text', source = open('out.png', 'rb'))

    fb.put_object(parent_object=page_id+'_'+post_id, connection_name='', message='new text', object_attachment = open('out.png', 'rb'))
but none of them works (there are no errors when running the code, but the image is not added to the post).

p.s. these are the permission of my app


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