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[Tkinter] Can I set background color for each item in tkinter Combobox?
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[Tkinter] Can I set background color for each item in tkinter Combobox?
Can I insert color block for each item in tkinter 'Combobox',
like this:
[Image: 1a32077.png]

or set background color for each item in tkinter 'Combobox'?
like this:
[Image: 11235.jpg]
There's a Combobox option tk_setPalette,
but the name implies a canvas background, I don't know this to be fact, just an assumption.

If this is true, you can probably use pmw to create a custom window that will
allow individual item colors, but out of the box, I think you're stuck with a single color.
Howvere, nothing is to stop you from coloring the text of each item.
| tk_setPalette(self, *args, **kw) | Set a new color scheme for all widget elements. | | A single color as argument will cause that all colors of Tk | widget elements are derived from this. | Alternatively several keyword parameters and its associated | colors can be given. The following keywords are valid: | activeBackground, foreground, selectColor, | activeForeground, highlightBackground, selectBackground, | background, highlightColor, selectForeground, | disabledForeground, insertBackground, troughColor.

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