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My Background Image Is Not Appearing (Python Tkinter)
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My Background Image Is Not Appearing (Python Tkinter)
Hello, Can someone help me in Fixing the code below? I need to put image which is school.jpg as a background image in my Python GUI using Tkinter but apparently, it didn't appear. Only grey color was present in there. Thanks.

from tkinter import *
from PIL import ImageTk, Image

class Student:

    def __init__(self, root):
        # no resize for both directions
        height = 750
        width = 1230
        x = (root.winfo_screenwidth() // 2) - (width // 2)
        y = (root.winfo_screenheight() // 2) - (width // 2)
        self.root = root
        self.root.geometry('{}x{}+{}+5'.format(width, height, x, y))

        StdID = StringVar()
        Firstname = StringVar()
        Surname = StringVar()
        DoB = StringVar()
        Age = StringVar()
        Gender = StringVar()
        Address = StringVar()
        Mobile = StringVar()

        # Frame
        img ='images\\school.jpg')
        bg = ImageTk.PhotoImage(img)

        MainFrame = Label(self.root, image = bg), y=0)

if __name__ == '__main__':

    root = Tk()

    application = Student(root)


Attached Files

If you use png you can do it that way

from tkinter import Canvas, PhotoImage, Tk

root = Tk()
bg = PhotoImage(file = "school.png")
canvas1 = Canvas( root)
canvas1.pack(fill = "both", expand = True)

canvas1.create_image( 0, 0, image = bg, 
                     anchor = "nw")

This talks about the file formats supported by PILS

I was able to run your program on my Windows computer using Python 3.10 and Pillow 9.2.0.

Are you sure you really want to use a background image? If so, I strongly suggest using a different GUI. Tkinter does not support background images. The only way to do background images in tkinter is to make a canvas, draw the image on the canvas, then make windows on the canvas where you can add buttons and text entries, etc... Not only is this a painful way to write a program (no layout manager, have to do any resizing yourself), it makes for an ugly interface. A probelm with placing controls on a canvas is the background does not show through the controls background. If you make a label, the label background is a solid color, not the image.

Since tkinter doesn't allow background images, which GUI does? I think the answer might be every other GUI. Instead of listing them here, I direct you to this extensive list.

I use Qt, but for a small project I would strongly consider wxPython or PySimpleGUI.

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