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Winning/Losing Message Error in Text based Game
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Winning/Losing Message Error in Text based Game
initialize game loop
while True:
    if current_room['name'] == 'Chamber of Secrets':
        if inventory == ['heart', 'nose', 'empathy', 'eyeballs', 'soul', 'hair']:
            print('\nYou have reached the Chamber of Secrets and helped Harry Potter to defeat Lord Voldemort!')
            print("You have encountered Lord Voldemort without all six potion ingredients!")
            print('Game Over!')
This is my winning and losing statements for a text based adventure I'm currently writing. The player has to move room-to-room gathering each inventory item before encountering the villain in his room. Even when I have all 6 items when I reach the villain's room, I'm still getting the loosing message. Not sure where I've messed up in my code. Any help is appreciated.
you need to show more code, at least show where inventory is being set
coding something like this without the use of functions (or classes) is difficult at best.
also, you will always exit this loop because you have a break at the end of each if statement.
Lists are not sets. They have an ordering. You are doing an equality test with a list, but that means the order has to be correct as well.

>>> ["a", "b"] == ["b", "a"]
If you don't care about the order, make your inventory a set. You can still add and remove items, but order is no longer important.

>>> {"a", "b"} == {"b", "a"}
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