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What reason have you quit a job?
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What reason have you quit a job?
I've quit before because a game was released and I don't have PTO and want play it for a week straight. I've quit my one job because I wanted to play Zelda breath of the wild. I quit another because of battlefield 3 released.

Most of the time is because I'm burnt out and their vacation or PTO is not enough to recover. I would rather take a year unpaid vacation by quitting and find another job qhen I'm refreshed.

My current job I was just going to let myself get fired by insubordination. Somehow that back fired and I got a raise by my supervisors boss. Reminded me of the movie Office Space. I was trying to get fired at one point but I ended up getting 5 raises throughout the pandemic so I am still here.
This guy turned from software engineer to tank owner and commander. Interesting retraining. His reason to quit was that the Kharkiv IT hub was smashed by the russian bombs.

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